Features and Plans

Basic Plan Features - Great for single users

2 Weeks free then $2.99 a year

Premium Plan (includes Basic Plan) Features - Perfect for family's and couples

2 Weeks free then $.99 a month

Unlimited Users
Users will have a color option to distinguish their own info
Unlimited Categories
Option to add own currency - Top 20 currency's
Widget available for quick income or donation
Fliters available on icome and donation (sort by user, date and more)

About App

The all New LDS tithing report is here and better than ever. This app makes it easy to keep track of your tithing and donations for single users and families. The New login is now available to all users to ensure data is always secure and available across multiple devices and users. This new version of the LDS Tithing Report is better and more reliable than before and ready to be updated from the old version. We still have the same great features of the Basic package and Premium package with a few fun extras.

Try it today. You’ll love it.

LDS Tithing Report does NOT pay your tithing for you. We do however provide a link, in the donation box, to the LDS church’s website so you can pay your tithing securely. We do NOT ask for personal information or banking details. This app only helps members of the church keep track of their income, donations, reminders, and much more. You pay your tithing online on the LDS church website.

App Screenshots

LDS Tithing Report Subscription Plans

Basic Plan

2.99$ / Year

  • Login - Use same account
  • Record income
  • Option to auto record Income
  • Track donations
  • Link to pay donations online
  • Customize your income
  • 4 users’ max
  • Be reminded to pay tithing
  • Export features
  • Top 10 currency’s
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Premium Plan

.99$ / Monthly

  • All Basic Plan Features Plus
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Users will have a color option
  • Income/donation on report page
  • Filters on income and donation
  • Top 20 currency's
  • Widgets
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Try First

Free / 2 week

  • Basic Plan Free for 2 weeks
  • Premium Plan Free for 2 weeks
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