All New Lds Tithing Report

Keeping track of tithing made easy

**LDS tithing report is here and better than ever. We have taken the features of the basic package and transformed them into new ideas for an all new Premium package. And now we have 2 packages. Most have come to love the basic features which include:

Whatever plan you choose you are on the right path to keep track of your tithing. LDS Tithing report is here to help you keep track of your income and donations. We offer options to keep track with reoccurring features. Let’s say you get paid every 2 weeks well with lds tithing report you only have to input it once and it will automatically add it. That’s just the beginning. This app reminds you when to pay tithing, choose different users and their income and donations, choose your currency, login so you always have your income and donation data with you. The features go on and on. Try it out for free for 2 weeks (basic plan only) Premium Plan must be paid immediately. 

Try it today. You’ll love it.

**LDS Tithing Report does NOT pay your tithing for you. We do however provide a link, in the donation box, to the LDS church’s website so you can pay your tithing securely. We do NOT ask for personal information or banking details. This app only helps members of the church keep track of their income, donations, reminders, and much more. You pay your tithing online on the LDS church website.

Features and Plans

Basic Plan Features 

2 weeks free then $2.99 a year

– Record income
– Option to auto record Income – Weekly, Bi Monthly and Monthly
– Track donations
– Link to pay donations online
– Customize your income, users, reminders and categories
– 4 users max
– Be reminded to pay tithing
– Export features for taxes and your personal records
– Backup/restore feature for both users on upgrading phones
– Option to add own currency – Top 10 currency’s

Premium Plan (includes Basic Plan) Features 

$.99 a month

-Login – Use same account and data across multiple devices & users
-Recover data when phone is lost, stolen or broken
-Unlimited Users
-Users will have a color option to distinguish their own info 
-Each User will see income and donations on report page
-Filters available on income and donation (sort by user, date and more)
-Option to add own currency – Top 20 currency’s
-Widget available for quick income or donation

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